Dear 5th grade parents,

Last week the students heard the story of another hero who was quite the opposite of Rama the warrior - the story of Siddhartha who later became the Buddha. Where Rama was an epic champion who bravely conquered demon rakshasas to save others, Siddhartha was a contemplative who wanted the answer to relieving suffering in the world. As the students discuss Buddhism's Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path this week, I look forward to hearing their fascinating thoughts on these concepts. Then it's off to ancient Persia!

Our Ancient Civilization main lesson book thus far:

1. Title page - blank
2. Map of India
3. Geographic Features of India - writing
4. Brahma - picture
5. "The Caste System" - writing
6. "The Ramayana" - picture
7. "The Ramayana" - writing (this will be going into their books this week)

Math - fraction work is continuing with Greatest Common Multiples (used to reduce fractions to their simplest) and Least Common Denominators (for later use when we are adding fractions with unlike denominators).  

Language Arts - We have begun reading and discussing The Iron Ring (students should be up to chapter 7), along with composing and editing a written narrative about our Angelo Coast Reserve field trip

Violin - We are daily practicing both parts of "Perpetual Motion" along with learning both parts of "Joy to the World".

Choir - We are working on a round and a two-part song with the 4th grade. Wednesday Ben Johns will be with the students doing a singing workshop during 3rd period so there will be no math that day.

Thank you all for supporting your children by checking and editing their papers, ensuring that they finish their homework, and having them practice violin and recorder each day.




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