Math class yesterday was one of those times where the path of the class differed from my plan. I thought to simple review previous fraction concepts then move on, but I was lead to ask, "If the denominator of a fraction is 1, then why does it simplify to the numerator as a whole number?". Various students gave excellent answers as to the process of answering the problem, but I was searching for a concept or what the number in the denominator actually meant. The perplexed students were VERY enthusiastic about finding the answer to my question. After some creative replies, one student remembered that the denominator was the number of pieces that an object was divided into and that 1 as a denominator meant the whole object, so the numerator was the number of whole objects. Faces lit up with recognition and understanding. While many of the students could have easily used a process to simplify a problem like "75/1", now there was more attention paid to the meaning behind the denominator. Today's planned lesson had to put off, but it was well worth the experience!
This week, we finish up our time in ancient Persia and the story of Zarathustra and move on to Mesopotamia and the epic of Gilgamesh. This main lesson block will extend into next week.

Exciting news:
October 24 the students will be going on the first of two field trips with the group Acorns to Oaks to collect/plant acorns and to learn about oak ecology as an extension of their botany main lesson block. No need to worry about carpooling or chaperones! All of this has been taken care of. We will be taking a real school bus for the first time (note - don't tell the kids, we want to surprise them!) Permission slips will be coming soon.

Other news...
This Thursday auditions for the 5th-8th grade talent show will be held from 2 - 3 pm in the multi-use room. The numerous 5th graders who have signed up need to be prepared to show their acts. 
Remember to check you student's binder daily for homework. It is their responsibility to write it down before the end of the day is done.

ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS main lesson book (so far...)


Map of India

Geographic Features of India - writing

Brahma picture

The Caste System - writing

Ramayana picture

Ramayana - writing

Buddha picture

The Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path

Map of Persia

A big, hearty thank you to all who worked so hard on "The Knight's Quest" and EVF itself. The 5th grade booth was INCREDIBLE and, it seemed, quite popular!!!

Have an excellent week!


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