Dear 5th Grade Parents,

This week we conclude our adventures in Ancient Civilization by delving into Mesopotamia, land of the world's earliest civilizations. What is a civilization? How is it formed? What made this area of the "Fertile Crescent" so special? What are some of their inventions that still effect our world today? We will also learn about one of the oldest written stories on earth -  The Epic of Gilgamesh!

Main Lesson Book (so far)...

  • Title page (blank)
  • Map of India - finished
  • "Geographic Features of India"- finished
  • Brahma picture - finished
  • "The Caste System"- finished
  • Ramayana picture - finished
  • Ramayana writing - finished
  • The Buddha picture - finished
  • "The Four Noble Truths/The Eightfold Path" - finished
  • Map of Persia - finished
  • Ancient Persia writing - finished
  • Symbol of Ahura Mazda
  • “Good Thoughts/Words/Deeds” writing (students should have one of these in their books by Wednesday)
  • Mesopotamia map (students should have this in their books by Wednesday)
  • Mesopotamia writing dictation (students should have this in their books by Wednesday)

In math we continue our fraction work with adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators. This includes using least common multiples to create equivalent fractions, and greatest common factors to simplifying answers. We will also practice regrouping during the subtraction lessons. 

In language arts, students are putting their final touches on their Angelo Coast Reserve and summer adventure papers. We are also having excellent discussions on our reader, The Iron Ring. Incidences and characters seem to be interwoven through the story so far. What will happen next as Tamar struggles in the midst of a war between an honorable, deposed king and his deplorable cousin the odious, reigning tyrant? Will Tamar ever make it to Ranapura to meet a king that he may have imagined to settle a debt that may be an illusion? 

Have a great week!


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