Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

The First week of school went quite well and I am ready and looking forward to the upcoming long days happening this week.  Thank you very much for coming to our parent meeting on Thursday.  I hope Michele and I were able answer any questions you had about the busy year ahead of us, and I also hope that you left feeling excited about the experiences ahead for your child.  I know I am.  Please read on for news and information regarding the upcoming weeks…

Google Docs Help Page
I have re-activated our Google Docs Class Help Page in order to expedite our volunteer help sign-ups. This site will be the place to sign up for volunteer opportunities throughout the school year.  Needs currently posted include:
    • Math help
    • Angelo Coast Range Reserve
    • EVF

I goofed on the Math Help sign-up sheet that was passed around during our meeting on Thursday and forgot to include Tuesday, so please note that it is now on the google docs page…

The Link:

Angelo Coast Trip, September 18-21
As I said enough times during our meeting last week to make Bridget want to put me in a head lock, I am quite excited about our upcoming Botany field trip to the Angelo Coast Range Reserve. Here is a link to the ACRR website, in case you want to read more about the place: http://angelo.berkeley.edu/.  I would appreciate it very much if you would, please, I beg you, NOT go onto the computer with your child and show them pictures of the reserve, or Google earth it, or anything like that.  There is enormous (!!!) value in letting the children imagine the place on their own from the stories I tell them, without the aid of technical support, and I hope you will give them the opportunity to actually do that.  As I mentioned on Thursday evening, the purpose of the trip is two-fold: to get the children out into nature and experience the natural world in an authentic and beautiful manner, separate from the trappings of modern life, and to face and overcome the challenges associated with being away from home and staying in a rustic environment.  I have no doubt that every child will come away from this experience feeling that they have experienced something special.  (Sorry Bridget.  I had to say it again.)

At this point (as expected) we have more parent volunteers than we need, as well as supplies.  Happily, it also looks like we will have enough Vans and Trucks.  I am in the process of working through the chaperon/driver puzzle and hope to have it all clarified by Tuesday evening. Here are our remaining needs as they stand right now.
  1. Is your child going? If your child is not coming along in this trip I would like to know as soon as possible.  Knowing the exact size of our group will help tremendously.
  2. Cookie bakers.  Can you bake some cookies (observing the usual peanut policy)?
  3. Chef.  Are you interested in pre-cooking (and freezing) a meal, ahead of our departure? 

Going home with the children this week is a packet of paperwork associated with our journey.  Two of the items must be returned as soon as possible:
    • Rough Trip Itinerary, FYI
    • Parent Permission Form, required by our school
    • ACRR Waiver of Responsibility Form, required by the reserve.
    • Another supply list, in case you lost the first one

All four of these forms are attached to the end version of this update, and also downloadable from our class website (by clicking onto the Botany Trip link).  Note: I hope to use our class website to post updates from the reserve during our visit, depending upon our access to a cell phone signal.  

Games Class Reminder from Mr. Henke
Games classes are Tuesday and Fridays for the children this year.  Mr. Henke has asked me to mention to class parents that the children should wear appropriate shoes on Games days.

Homework Page:
I am still providing the children with a page upon which to write down their homework assignments.  I am also continuing to ask them to have a parent sign the sheet on Thursday so that I know that the parents have checked in with their children about their work.  My objective is to keep you in the loop.

EVF is October 13th this year and we are most likely in charge of the very popular Knight's Quest. This booth does require some pre-planning and organization. Jess will connect with whomever headed up the booth last year, but will need someone from our class to step up to the role of coordinator. Please let her know if you are interested!

SCHOOL SCRIP-- (WAY easier than running a fundraiser like Extravaganza!)
Support SBS with Scrip. Cards are now available at the Rainbow Shop during open hours, as well as in the office. Whole Foods, Peets, Target, Arco and more! Every card you buy is a donation to our school, without you spending any additional money. This is money you are already spending- make it count! Scrip is also available to order. Orders due on Mondays at 9am.

Updated Class Contact List
Attached at the bottom of the email version of this  update is an edited draft of the class contact list.  I passed the old version around at the class meeting to be corrected, and I think I was able to update everything that was noted.  If you were not at the meeting and unable to edit your info, or noticed a mistake I made, let me know and I will update the list further.  Look for it at the bottom of this page.

I think that's it.  See you this week, I am sure.




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