Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

What a beautiful day.  Read on for news regarding our last week of school before the February Break…

Hand-Off with Michele
This is my last week with the students until later in the Spring.  Following the February Break, Michele will take the baton and run with it into the spring, heading towards the Greek Games in May.  Then I return for the last part of the school year.  The students have been working on writing these past two weeks, and we are wrapping up two different essays, one finished last week, one this week, and both due Friday, beautifully written into the main lesson books.  FYI, there will almost certainly be homework this week, as the students finish their work, so feel free to check in with your child in order to make sure they are staying on top of their work. I ask this of you because quite a handful of students are struggling to turn in their work on time-- even with lots of support on my behalf-- and help will certainly come in handy.

Thank you for considering my requests about technology and cell phones from last week's update.  The day after I sent out my thoughts to you we heard from our daughter India, who as many of you know is studying in China as an exchange student and living with a Chinese family in Nanjing.  She told us a story about her host family had had a heated (!) argument that past week with their own daughter about her access to the internet, and the amount of time she was spending on the computer.  This is a reminder to me that the serious issues we are facing as parents around technology right now are world-wide, and I must admit that it was strangely relieving to hear this through the mouth of my own daughter, a 17-year old tech-using teen.  I heard back from a whopping 13 of you about my requests, which is almost half, so clearly I touched a nerve.  Thank you for being so thoughtful and considerate as we work together with your children!

Next Parent Gathering: Saturday, May 18, 10:00am-12:00pm
Our last Saturday meeting worked very well for Michele and I so we would like to try it again.  Please mark your calendars right away so that you can lock in the time to attend this gathering.  It would be so wonderful to have every family represented!

Spring Author's Night: Wednesday, May 22nd, (Time TBD, probably 6:30 or 7:00pm)
We are moving the Author's night from the winter to the spring.  Please mark your calendars accordingly for what is for sure to be a wonderful evening of creative words and thoughts!

Waldorf at Weill: Green Music Center Performance
A reminder that this Wednesday is our encore performance for the Waldorf at Weill gathering.  

Call time: 6:00pm.  It is important that everyone arrive on time.  All students will gather at the performers' entrance.  Students and any Adult Chaperones will head into the hall through this entrance, and Chaperones will be asked to stay with the children at all times.

According to the folks organizing this event, the best access to the Green Music Center is off Rohnert Park Expressway, just before Petaluma Hill Road. You can go to the hyperlink below for a campus map. Please remember to allow sufficient time to arrive no later that 6:00 pm. http://www.sonoma.edu/visit/pdf/SSUOCTOBER2012by.pdf

As you exit your cars and walk toward Weill Hall you will see someone holding a sign with our school’s name on it. Please gather with this person.  He/she will stay with us through the entire performance as our guide. Once everyone has arrived, each performer and chaperone will be given a name tag. The name tags are for entrance and crowd control, not to be worn on stage, but necessary to access hall seating.

Back stage/Green Rooms
Our guide will lead us into our specific “green room” through the performers’ entrance. Non-chaperone parents will make their way into the performance hall, which opens at 6:30pm.

Non-Chaperone Parents
There will be ticket takers; ushers will hand out programs and direct you to your seat, and there is a coat check. There will be refreshments during intermission but no liquid or food of any kind is allowed in the performance hall. Remember, no photography will be allowed.

As I explained last week, the show begins at 7:00pm.  Our class is scheduled to perform during the second half of the show.  The students have seats already arranged for them in the hall to watch the first half of the performance, so if you reserved a seat for your 5th Grader, please offer it to someone else who needs it as the performance is sold out.  I think there are a few parents in the class who are still hoping to score some seats somehow.

Thank you vert much (!) to those of you who have offered to serve as a helper/chaperone.  I will communicate with you via a separate email.  

Costumes and (Possibly) Make-Up
My dream still remains that every child will arrive for the performance in costume and, possibly even make-up-ready, so that all we have to do it touch things up. If you are not comfortable with Egyptian Eye make-up then we will take care of it when your child arrives.

Embalmers should have their hair braided/gelled to their head so that we can put the bald-caps on right when we arrive at the Hall.

It should be an exciting and fun evening.  I would appreciate it if you would please try your very best to arrive on time so that we can make all this happen. If for some reason your child is unable to attend please, definitely, let me know.  Remember.  6:00pm.

Okay, that's it.  Hope to see everyone on Wednesday…...at 6:00pm




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